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ZacDatum: Mittwoch, 11.Nov..2015, 00:03:29 | Nachricht # 1
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a "Rubrik " for international topics in english language
ZacDatum: Donnerstag, 19.Nov..2015, 20:07:18 | Nachricht # 2
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watch this !

Languages :

english german french 

Europe 2015


ZacDatum: Sonntag, 10.Jan..2016, 22:37:14 | Nachricht # 3
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The Rape of Europe


ZacDatum: Freitag, 22.Jan..2016, 17:39:46 | Nachricht # 4
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in addition to post 26

the new wave of behaviour and treatment in germany 
actually just the same 

that's" the win win" situation they told us for decades !

don't blame the wrong people about those situation in our Countries
and it will be get worse !

those so called leaders who can't guarantee safety on the the streets for Women or Children  whether in Sweden or somewhere else in europe 

we have to build that so called leaders as targets !

Småbarnsmamman avbryter stöldförsöket – attackeras


ZacDatum: Montag, 25.Jan..2016, 18:49:27 | Nachricht # 5
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the plan always works especially when the People ain't got no clue whats's really going on ...

put all those plans in a cube shake the cube very well ...and then check the result of all different plans get merged in another plan

with parts of all elite plans like Hooton Kalergie and so forth ...

german - english



ZacDatum: Montag, 08.Feb..2016, 17:29:22 | Nachricht # 6
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I'd say google is already think you are stupid !

just another stinkin' Crap - Field on their road to rear the
comming Generations ...

"Dumm wie ein Meter Feldweg"

means :

stupid as a meter farm track ...     wink

PROOF Google Wants You To Be Stupid

"Google chooses to supply you with leftist, idiotic sources if you have the misfortune of using their search engine."


ZacDatum: Dienstag, 09.Feb..2016, 15:49:11 | Nachricht # 7
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Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Economic "Death Spiral": The Panic Is On!" - (2/5/16)


ZacDatum: Samstag, 26.März.2016, 14:59:01 | Nachricht # 8
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Relatives ...

Old English Lesson 1 : Pronounciation


Words :

Sachsen - Anhalt = Sachsen Angel  -  Angel - Sachsen ?

Saxony - Anhalt = Angl'o - Saxony ?

Languages evolve over Centurys and you find dialects everywhere
at least in Germany ...
ZacDatum: Samstag, 26.März.2016, 15:36:14 | Nachricht # 9
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in addition to post 49

in my opinion we the people have to think in another way

we have to work together in England in Holland in
Deutschland and so forth

the people were always the victims in that global scheme
ruling leaders world ...

know your enemy and know 'em well

The English are German Anglo-Saxons.


ZacDatum: Freitag, 15.April.2016, 15:58:04 | Nachricht # 10
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JA !

tak !

tak samo ! :


Poland sends a message to the german People !


together we stand ...

ZacDatum: Mittwoch, 20.April.2016, 21:36:18 | Nachricht # 11
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who is doing what ?

who is demand what ?

when and how ?

Symbolic : 

"we tie a tie and we shake those hands ... " 

in all it's glory ... 

no thanks ... 
ZacDatum: Samstag, 04.Juni.2016, 12:44:38 | Nachricht # 12
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010- Windows 10 the operating system that is a virus loaded on you without permission


ZacDatum: Montag, 13.Juni.2016, 21:12:40 | Nachricht # 13
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Do you learn like an animal or a human being?

The ISIS construct


ZacDatum: Dienstag, 14.Juni.2016, 21:39:24 | Nachricht # 14
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Science, Technocracy, and Social Control - Jerry Day on The Corbett Report


ZacDatum: Montag, 27.Juni.2016, 20:26:54 | Nachricht # 15
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What is the Federal Reserve? Watch this free documentary to find out


Watch the documentary for free on The Corbett Report and purchase a DVD copy to help support the filmmaker.: http://www.corbettreport.com/federalr...
ZacDatum: Freitag, 05.Aug..2016, 16:03:19 | Nachricht # 16
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MH17 – Beweise gegen die Lügenpresse ( MH17 – evidence against the lying press )


ZacDatum: Dienstag, 09.Aug..2016, 18:16:04 | Nachricht # 17
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The Motto Germany have is simple described in a few words for Migrants :

"Money for nothing Chicks for free !"

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals Out Of Control


my message for tourist or some who plan a trip to Germany 

i wouldn't suggest anyone to come here especially in big Cities
very high risk  !

the only Places you can go is the east  but also there same problem
in big Citys ain't safe

never go by bus or train ... 

situation get's worse and worse each month ....

ZacDatum: Freitag, 12.Aug..2016, 00:57:54 | Nachricht # 18
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if you go to Sweden Germany England France and so forth

the native People are fucked !
they get fucked but they live in sort of Paradise of political correctness !

so you can't have one without the other in 2016 ...

but it's for the "cum - in" good !

* the worse Enemy of the people aren't the Migrants alone it's the officials law order Justice politicians police  and also both confessions of the christian religion ...

Welcome to Swedenistan…and have a lousy day


If you disagree with the establishment, you’re immediately called a racist
or fascist, which we’re definitely not.
At times I felt that this was what it must have been like to live in the old Soviet Union.’

Many Swedes wholeheartedly concur with the sentiment that Sweden’s long,noble record of liberalism has become perverted and are appalled at their extreme-socialist government’s incompetent, doe-eyed handling of the immigration issue.

It’s not only Jews who will leave. And it’s not only the country which will go down the drain; it’s not only Europe, it’s the entire Western world.’

For Sweden, then, the sands of time are running down.

so what else we have to say as we going our way ....

Cannibal Corpse - Fucked With a Knife *w Lyrics*


ZacDatum: Sonntag, 14.Aug..2016, 13:36:15 | Nachricht # 19
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i said 7 years ago in a comment of the following clip about  Detroit :

the difference between Detroit and europe is an import of "grounded" People from grounded areas all around the world

mostly very aggressive and in a mood just stoneage like ...

the worst in Germany you be betrayed in any kind !

it's a controlled import of criminals mad religion fanatics and people who ain't wanna be an integration

they wanna suck the germans out like a spider and finally take 'em over it is already a war about the future !

Northrhine Westphalia is already a failed state in Germany and those areas like Duisburg - Marxloh getting in all that years even worse then Detroit !

but there is one main point to be make !

Germany  the goverment ain't did that for greed they did it
to destroy it all !

in association with all political Parties and all parts of the
goverment and of course the Media  ...

same happens in the rest of europe all day !

so you can't talk about of a mirror anymore it's a controlled destruction of entire europe !

Wayne Kramer - "Back to Detroit"


Lauren Southern I thought I was in Germany


ZacDatum: Freitag, 19.Aug..2016, 17:24:31 | Nachricht # 20
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how much he / she get paid per hour to drive through that hell ?
drivers must be one of the best paid persons in whole europe eh ...

the future breath is death !

Avoid driving through Calais as Muslim invaders are smashing cars for fun


Terrifying moment Calais migrants try to ambush van driver

This is the terrifying moment a mob of Calais migrant wielding metal bars rolled a tree in front of a British driver's van in a bid to ambush him.

Glen Shadbolt, 39, managed to escape the trap by driving his 3.5 tonne Sprinter van over the obstacle only to see motorists stuck behind him being forced to stop and mugged by the gang.

The horrifying incident at the French port was captured on his dashcam as he
returned to the UK from a trip to Brussels on Monday.


ZacDatum: Samstag, 20.Aug..2016, 16:46:01 | Nachricht # 21
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The Main Stream Media Blackout of Hacked George Soros Documents


ZacDatum: Freitag, 26.Aug..2016, 19:02:17 | Nachricht # 22
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Gerald Celente - TITN - WSJ Agrees With Celente: It's Central Bankster Madness! - (8/22/16)


ZacDatum: Sonntag, 28.Aug..2016, 18:55:06 | Nachricht # 23
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This is what happens in Calais already exceeds all limits ... When I finally send in the army to bring order there? Maybe it? Perhaps there is some hidden agenda of the current government of France, Germany i.t.d.? I do not know,

but I know one thing ... that should not happen
 and in the end comes to a tragedy that any driver out there die ...

To co się dzieje w Calais przekracza już wszelkie granice... Kiedy w końcu wyślą tam wojsko aby zaprowadzić tam porządek? Może wcale? Może jest w tym jakiś ukryty cel aktualnego rządu Francji, Niemiec i.t.d.? Nie wiem, ale wiem jedno... tak NIE POWINNO się dziać i w końcu dojdzie do tragedii że jakiś kierowca tam zginie...

Monolog BARTASS-a #short# cz.33 Calais... KIEDY wkroczy tam wojsko!?


ZacDatum: Sonntag, 28.Aug..2016, 19:10:31 | Nachricht # 24
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Calais so what ?

the main Agenda in France and Germany is Human rights specially for wearing a Burkini at the Beach

next time they bring on the right to rape in groups  !

In Frankreich ist der Burkini Menschenrecht


Human Rights meets the others and their Obligation to live in
their own Countrys

ying yang ying yang ... 

shut up and follow you are  the guy with the obligations the color
of your skin shows it

said the Judge  !
ZacDatum: Sonntag, 04.Sept..2016, 11:18:52 | Nachricht # 25
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This concern is mirrored by Hungary and the Czech Republic who, in light of an influx of more than a million Muslims entering Europe are calling for an army in Europe representing the EU to be able to deal with this crisis affecting their borders.

Such words are not being spoken only in Europe.  In the United States, Obama recently gave a speech in June as an ominous, veiled warning of things to come for Americans to be “prepared for a disaster.”  He also stressed that all Americans are responsible for disaster preparation by “having an evacuation plan,” as well as “having a fully-stocked disaster supply kit.

Green Beret Warns: “World Governments Are Preparing For Disaster And War”

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